The magnetic separator machine, engineered to separate magnetic particles from slag, employs a high gauss power magnetic drum to achieve efficient separation. With its powerful magnetic field, this machine effectively attracts and captures magnetic materials, such as iron and steel, from the slag mixture. The high gauss power ensures strong magnetic force, enabling thorough separation even of fine magnetic particles from the slag. Equipped with a rotating drum, the magnetic separator machine facilitates continuous operation, ensuring a steady flow of separated materials. Advanced magnetic technology ensures reliable performance, delivering consistent results in separating magnetic materials from slag. The magnetic separator machine’s robust construction and durable components make it suitable for handling heavy-duty industrial applications. Safety features such as overload protection and emergency stop systems ensure operator safety during operation and maintenance. From steel mills to recycling plants, the magnetic separator machine serves as a vital tool in efficiently recovering magnetic materials from slag, contributing to resource conservation and recycling efforts.


Permanent Drum Magnetic Separator is most important non-electric separator used to separate iron and non-magnetic material processed in bulk for the purity of finished products, for the recovery and protection of processing plants and machinery with commercial value metal.

These are commonly used for the iron contamination segregation from minerals, chemicals, foodstuffs, flour, grains, sand, Cement, fertilize products, abrasives, glass, slaccid, gold, rock and refractory and other products in all processing industries.

Size range

The Double drum magnetic separators are available in standard drum diameters of 300mm, 400 mm. Drum width range from 300mm to 1200mm. Other sizes can be made as special to your requirement. The larger the diameter and width of the drum the greater is the volume of material which can be handled.

Working Principle & Magnetic Separator

The Permanent Magnetic drum consists of stationery Permanent Magnetic assembly having uniform and everlasting Magnetic field across the entire width of the drum, which is effective over approximately half the drum circumference. Drum shell made of non magnetic stainless steel revolves around the magnetic field. Since the material is fed uniformly by the drop-down, powerful magnets attract ferrous particles and hold them in the rotating shell. The non magnetic material falls freely away from the shell when the rotating shell carries iron particles through the magnetic stationery chain, while ferrus particles are kept strongly to be carried out outside the divider and out of magnetic field. It is ensured that the power of the permanent magnetic drum is greater than the appropriate.

Salient Features Of Drum Magnetic Separator:

  • Drum consists of high energy Rare Earth Neodymium Permanent Magnets.
  • Strong & rugged construction.
  • Automatic Separator of iron impurities.
  • Completely enclosed design to avoid dusting and pollution.
  • High Power Magnetic Separator

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