By Vibrating Feeder the big lumps of slag will be fed evenly & continuously into the crusher. Vibrating Feeder possesses it’s own superiority, straighter vibration, reliable operation, long life performance, The vibrating force can be adjusted and the flux can be randomly changed & controlled and it is very convenient to control. The vibrating motor is the source of the vibration. It is of low noise, low power consumption, good performance. Vibrating Feeder is of simplicity in structure, reliability in operation , convenient in adjustment, light in weight, small in size & low maintenance.


The Electro-hydraulic clamshell grab is specifically designed to handle bulky and powdery material such as iron ore, grain, smashed rocks, fertilizer, chemicals, coal, coke, sand, particle construction materials etc. The machine is used jointly with ship unloaders, travelling cranes, tower cranes, and other types of cranes and installed in power stations, ports, ships, steel plants, and garbage treatment plants. To ensure high performance all the essential elements of the garb are well equipped with imported well-known brands, thereby making the garb have its own hydraulic system. All in all, the machine is featured to work under severe circumstances and is easy to handle and operate.